Embed SMB Accounting.

Your small business customers need accounting features.

Teal lets you build them.

Teal is the customer accounting tooling for neobanks and vertical saas. Teal is used to solve simple use-cases, like giving business owners an overview of their cashflow for the month, and complex ones, like syncing invoice data.

Teal syncs out to all major accounting packages like QuickBooks, so you can build once and support all your customers.

Teal unlocks
real-time cashflow analysis.

Swipe your card, see your cashflow.

Teal’s baseline offering allows your customers to understand their spending and cashflow in real-time.

1 const cashflow = getCashflowStatement(userId);

Deepen your customer relationships

Your customers need accounting. Build a deeper relationship with them, make your platform stickier, and help them thrive by eliminating accounting as a blocker to their business success.

Add incremental revenue

Offering accounting with Teal adds thousands to your customer lifetime value.

Teal has multiple service levels, so as your customers grow, your features and pricing can grow with them.

Maintain full control

With Teal, you’re in the driver’s seat. Embed Teal in your platform and keep Teal as a silent partner, while you own the deep relationship you've built with your customers.

Whatever your requirements are, we’re here to make your strategy succeed.

Launch quickly

Build your implementation directly onto our REST APIs, or use our pre-made React components in your front-end and simply style them to your design requirements.

Or skip the build entirely by using Teal’s full-service implementation team to customize an accounting solution to your platform’s requirements.